Thursday , August 5 2021

What is the Lubrication Excellence Payback?

What is the Payback?

Removing particles and cleaning up lubricants can increase bearing and gear life by 3-8 times. Information provided during the lubrication excellence training will illustrate different life extensions by simply cleaning up the lube oil at different levels of oil cleanliness. There are charts for all major components such as bearings, gears, hydraulic systems, and many other rotating components that our training program will provide.

What does 3-8 times life mean for your maintenance costs and reduction of down time? Some equipment can be set up to last forever with proper and proven Lubrication Excellence practices.

When we look at lubrication failures from moisture, we already know we are talking about ~50% reduction in bearing life when just as little as 2% moisture occurs in the lubricant. We now have double the life just from controlling and removing the moisture. The payback for this one day training can start within weeks of the training when implemented. Some practices will change the next day and get you on the road to longer life and reduce costs in your plant and lubrication excellence program.

Lubricants have over 50 failure modes, not just moisture. These other lubricant failure modes are covered in the training.