Thursday , August 5 2021

Lube Storage Rooms

Fully Customized Lubrication Storage Rooms

All lubricants need to be stored in ambient controlled conditions. This means focusing on keeping all your plant lubricants at consistent temperature, avoiding the ambient swings that can severely shorten the life of the lubricants and additive packages. In plants where the lube oils are stored in poor locations at the plant or located in outside storage areas, the ambient extremes can allow moisture, foreign material, and other contaminants to enter oil and grease storage containers, oil transfer equipment, and also lubrication equipment. This greatly shortens the lube oil life and effectiveness…resulting in shortened equipment life.

After lubrication audits or assessments, many plants struggle to find an suitable location to store their lubrication oils and greases. Locating an area that is isolated, but still functionally practical which can be air conditioned, heated, and moisture controlled, sealed from contamination can be extremely difficult in the tight constraints of existing facilities.

Our parent company Reliable Process Solutions offers portable lubrication storage rooms and turnkey equipment delivered to your plant, simply connect power (air or electric). Have your lube storage room set any where you have space, these rooms are classified portable storage avoiding some building permit requirements. The lube rooms are climate controlled (heat, A/C, de-humidified) and durable. They are insulated and can be spill controlled, fire suppressed, clean storage environment to create a true “clean room” to properly store lubrication oils and greases. Many other options are available, and units can be fully customized to your plant needs.

Common room sizes are standard 20’L x 8’T x 8’W (high cube option [9′ high]) or a 40’F x 8’T x 8’W (also available in high cube). Air Pumps or Electric Pumps, oil filtration and reciruclation systems, drip pans and full oil spill containment, desiccant filters, oil transfer containers, and much more. Available storage cabinets for grease and lube equipment, and external barrel transfer [trolley systems] can be designed into the unit.

Don’t wait another day to get your oil lube room designed, and get started on World Class Lubrication Storage Practices and your Lubrication Excellence Program.

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Sample Photos of enclosed full Lubrication Storage Rooms:

If you already have a room or ambient controlled clean area to store your lubricants, and don’t need a full size enclosed room.  We also offer our self-contained lubricant storage racks.  A rack custom design in size, tanks, material, color…turnkey and ready to operate after hooking up power.  Units come equipped with lubrication storage tank recycle, filter, and drip pan / spill control attached to unit: