Thursday , August 5 2021

Welcome to Lubrication Excellence

When people hear about lubrication excellence training they immediately think about over greasing, mixing lube oils, and dirty funnels. These items are only a small part of a World Class Lubrication Excellence Program. This training is a must for any plant that has rotating equipment where lubrication is one of the major keys to extending and maintenance long equipment life.

People don’t understand 75% of all machine failures are lubrication related. They are lubrication related because maintenance technicians don’t understand there are particles in the lubricants that are wearing out the bearings, gears, and other moving parts. They don’t understand that, as little as 1% moisture in the lube can reduce bearing life by 25%.

Our Lubrication Excellence Program is an 8 hour course that covers all aspects of plant lubricants and properly storing. Not only lube oils but also greases. It teaches employees how to recognize when a synthetic lube can and should be used, how to filter out particles in new lubes (which are NOT clean) and keep particles out during storage, transfer, and plant application. It teaches staff how to eliminate moisture as a failure mode not only in stored lubes but in operating process equipment.  If an 8 hour course is not a fit for you, we offer smaller and shorter Lube Excellence Programs to accommodate your needs.

lubrication excellence assessment
Our lubrication excellence assessment will cover 20 areas of your lubrication program to determine where you currently are.
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lubrication excellence training
Lubrication Training teaches you processes / procedures for proper implementation of a lubrication excellence program.
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designing effective lube storage
Developing a World Class Lubrication Program entails properly storing, filtering, and designing effective lubrication storage.
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